It takes -2-10 days to create a Mosaic for you, but please do not forget to add a few more days for shipping if you are going to order Printed or Framed Mosaic. Digital file doesn't require shipping since no physical product will be sent, you will get a JPG file attached in an e-mail message.

DIGITAL - 2-3 days after receiving photos from you.
PRINT - 4-6 days + 3-6-days FREE shipping within the US/CANADA
FRAME - 6-8 days + 3-6-days FREE shipping within the US/CANADA
CANVAS - 8-9 days + 3-6-days FREE shipping within the US/CANADA

Shipping to any other country can vary depending on the products ordered and the shipping destination. However, you always can order digital file which will be sent to your email, and print in the nearest photo studio.

To get the exact shipping cost, phantom-populate your shopping cart with exactly what you want to order so it can calculate the size, weight, quantity, etc. Next, go to your cart and enter your address, click "Continue to shipping method" button on the bottom right side of the page. That will give you an accurate estimate of the charge.
Have more questions? Please send us a message to, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.