STEP 1: Choose Your Main Picture

The main photo is the photo that is composed of all the small photos. Choose a simple one for the best result.

Tips: Make sure the main photo is of good quality. Select a photo with very few details and which is not zoomed out too far. An example of a good main photo is a close-up picture.


STEP 2: Choose Your Small Pictures

These photos will be used to recreate the main photo. Choose as many as possible for the best result. 

Tips: Choose a minimum of 200 photos


STEP 3: Upload and send Pictures

Upload all the pictures to Dropbox, Google Drive or and send me the shareable link. Also, you can send a link to your social account and photos will be downloaded from there. Just please make sure your social page is open to the public so we'll be able to download photos.

Tips: The easiest way to share your photos with us is sending a link to an Instagram or Facebook account, but you always can send us a shareable link to your photos in Dropbox, Google Drive or to our e-mail - 

STEP 4: Create a Mosaic

We'll let you know that we've received your pictures and start working on a Mosaic for you. 


STEP 5: Approval

Once the Mosaic is created we'll send it to you for approval, prior to printing it.


STEP 6: Printing and Shipping

Digital File - 2 day after receiving photos from you.

Printed Version - 3-4 days + 4-6-days free shipping within the US

Framed Version - 5-7 days + 4-6-days free shipping within the US

Canvas Version - 6-8 days + 4-6-days free shipping within the US

*(after receiving the photos)
*(shipping by priority mail 4-6 day depends on your address)
*(Digital File - No physical product will be sent)

We offer free shipping within the USA.


Have more questions?  Please send us a message to, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.